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Renée is an actor, writer and proud member of SAG-AFTRA as well as a member of LA's InHouse Theatre. Originally from Upstate New York, Renée trained with Dance Theatre of Harlem and the Boston Conservatory before attending Syracuse University where she graduated cum laude with a BFA in Drama. While at SU, Renée trained in London with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre during Mark Rylance's artistic directorship.

While living in New York City, Renée studied with Upright Citizens Brigade while also writing and producing sketches and videoblogs with the comedic duo Cue Black Girls. Since relocating to Los Angeles, Renée has continued to make people laugh onstage, online, and at her with Ms. Thang Comedy. Her work has been featured on blogs like The Jane Dough, The Apiary, and Funny Not Slutty. Visit her on Twitter and Instagram for updates and frequent examples of poor life choices.

“In our family Christmas letter back when I was 13, my Mom called me the ‘Hold your breath and pray’ child. I’ve never asked her specifically how she hoped the divine would intercede in my life, but I’m grateful that she’s got a heck of a lung capacity.”


“Renée Threatte the wonderful co-star brings a lovely grace note of understatement to the play. It doesn’t hurt that Threatte is also so stunningly beautiful that it’s almost distracting.” - 'Trickster At The Gate' AtHand Theatre Co. 

- Frank Schaeffer, Huffington Post

“Jennifer is well played by Renée Threatte, making a character who seems to be grabbing her pain with both hands overcome that hurdle with some of Nell’s spirit to carry her through.”  -  'Trickster At The Gate' AtHand Theatre Co.

- Ivanna Cullinan,